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qlark is powered at its core by our patented case intelligence system which is augmented by smart learning modules to help doctors spread knowledge faster.

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qlark’s verified professional network of thousands of exceptional clinicians means our content is always at the front of the field and up-to-date. Connect, share, and learn securely with the click of a button.

Dr. Stuart Frost
Teaches Gummy Smile Technique
Dr. Sonya Palleck
Teaches Non-Surgical Open Bite Correction
Dr. John Graham
Teaches Non-Surgical  Class IIIs Treatment
Dr. Iciar Llaca
Teaches Non-Surgical Treatment of an Open Bite

qlark Studios™ – A learning revolution

qlark’s exceptional learning content is packaged in easily digestible Studio modules, ensuring that you will always find something interesting to learn and a great way to learn it. We are accredited by both the ADA and AGD.

Skills Studio

A simple do-it-yourself course designed to help you get started quickly with better treatment planning using our proprietary qlark Case™ technology. Skill Studios help you to practice treatment planning and learn better treatment approaches from doctors all around the world.

Review Studio

Review Studios bring access to multiple qlark Cases centered around a specific clinical theme. This includes access to the treating clinicians for in-depth reviews of how different approaches can be adopted for your workflows. Learn from the best doctors and let their rigorous treatment data provide real-world clinical evidence for better solutions.
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Clinical Studio

Clinical Studios represent the apex of clinical learning. Explore a comprehensive interview with the treating doctor alongside the detailed qlark Case. Tap into the doctor’s thinking and learn what went into treating the patient from first exam to final outcome.
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Studios For Every Style

Choose your customized educational experience to fit your style with these additional Studios. Learn from amazing qlark doctors across our network.

Course Studio

Learn from lectures and courses provided and produced by qlark doctors. Our intuitive HIPAA -compliant studio brings even more educational and analytical depth to their physical lectures with our technology.

Mentorship Studio

Mentorship Studios provide 4+ weeks of progressive courses designed to help doctors learn in-depth clinical concepts from powerful mentors. The intimacy of 1-on-1 and small cohorts promise meaningful learning and lots of engagement.

Partner Studio

Partner Studios transform clinical learning by allowing doctors to follow along a patient journey with the treating doctor live as it happens. You learn new techniques and solve challenging problems in real time.

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